Dear RCCC Brothers and sisters,

The Church will have an annual congregational meeting on December 12th, 2021 at 1:00 pm on Zoom for the voting of both the 2022 Church budget and deacon confirmation.

。 Meeting ID: 823 8050 6911

。 Passcode: 800800

。Zoom Link : 

Members are welcome to the meeting to get ministry updates and hear the quorum count #’s.  Please find RCCC 2022 Church budget and the new deacon candidates’ testimonies.

· Due to the unusual circumstances of COVID-19, it will be difficult to meet as a congregation so the Church Council has elected to allow a 5 day voting time frame from December 8th to 12th (Wednesday to Friday, 10 am to 1 pm. Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.  Sunday 9am –  1pm). During this time you can come into the lobby of the Church new building to receive your ballot and cast your vote.

· Members can also vote by proxy (authorizing another member to vote for you)

o Find someone who will be going to church to vote in person and is willing to vote on your behalf.  Tell this person how to vote for you.

o Send an email to the CC Secretary Eric Yip ( telling him whom you have appointed to be your proxy.

o Send a copy of the above email to your proxy who should print it out and hand it in when voting in person.  The proxy will be given a ballot to vote on your behalf.

· If you have any questions or need help with the voting, please contact any of the Church Council members.

Please keep RCCC’s budget, deacons’ confirmation, ministries, and pastors/ministers and all brothers and sisters in your prayers.


Church Council


教會將於12月12日1:00pm在Zoom舉行年度會員大會,將投票通過2022年的預算和認定被提名的執事。歡迎會員參加會議了解教會事工的最新情況,並聽取法定人數#。您可以按此參閱 2022年教會預算和年2022年執事候選人的見証

  .Zoom會議ID:823 8050 6911
  .Zoom鏈接 :

*由於COVID-19的特殊情況,會員很難聚在一起開會,因此教會議會決定12月8 – 12日 進行為期5天的投票 。 (週三至五,10 am – 1pm; 週六,10am – 4pm; 週日10 am-1 pm )。在上述這段時間裡,您可以進入新堂的大廳領取選票。

* 如果您對投票有任何疑問或需要幫助,請聯繫任何一位教會議會成員。




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will happen at the December 12th meeting?

The meeting will take place in Zoom at 1pm after the voting has closed. The meeting’s main purpose is to determine and announce whether quorum has been met and to update the Church on ministry reports. Voting needs to be closed before the meeting in order to determine the exact number of people who have received a ballot.

How is a quorum determined?

A quorum shall be established when the distributed ballots, including the absentee ballots, exceeds the simple majority of the active church membership. (ByLaws 2.4)


What if quorum is not reached?

2.4 Quorum
A quorum shall be established when the distributed ballots, including the absentee ballots, exceeds the simple majority of the active church membership. If a quorum is not formed, the meeting may adjourn to a later date. Notice of the adjournment shall be announced and posted on the intervening Sundays. The regular members present at the subsequent meeting, called within four weeks of the adjourned meeting, shall constitute a quorum. If there are legitimate reasons for not being able to be present, a member may vote via signed absentee vote.
Except as specified throughout the Constitution, a minimum of 75% congregational approval is required for the passage of any matter under consideration before the membership.



Can I take the ballot home?

No. Members must vote after picking up the ballot. Voters are not allowed to carry the ballot to home or to leave the church building before they vote.

Proxy Voting – Does my proxy need to be a member?

Yes, your proxy needs to be a member. You need to contact Eric Yip ( to designate who is allowed to be your proxy.

Proxy Voting – What if I don’t have email?

Call Eric Yip: 919-236-3283