Small Groups

In RCCC big family, we have many small family groups and fellowships. Most of the small groups have their fellowship on Friday evening or Saturday, we do have special bible study groups and prayer groups meet during the week. Fellowship/small groups were formed primarily based on family background, i.e. primary language, age, and some children’s age group.

RCCC was started from small bible study groups more than thirty years ago. We strongly believe that small groups/fellowships provide brothers and sisters a warm setting where we can support each other and efficient care group members on the regular basis. Most of the small groups meet on Friday evening at church when their children can participate AWANA program, youth join our church youth group and infants are also taken care of by our children’s program.

We welcome you to RCCC and encourage you to join a small group that fit you. May we all grow in our church family spiritually and enjoy our heavenly life on earth.

Cantonese-speaking small groups

Group NameTimePlaceContact
Enoch Fellowship 以諾團契Fri biweekly (2,4) 7:30pm Church A204Carol Lai
Enoch Brothers Group 兄弟小組First Fridays 7:30pmChurch A204King Choi
Enoch Sisters Group 姊妹小組First Fridays 7:30pmChurch A203Phoebe Yeung
Kei Yan Fellowship 基恩小組Sat biweekly (2, 4) 10amChurch A122Sun Wah Kiu

English-speaking small groups

Group NameTimePlaceContact
Grace Gospel FellowshipWednesdays, weekly, 7-8:30pmZoom ID: 349 526 1088 Password: 24680Katelin Bartley
Young Adult FellowshipSaturdays, weekly, 7-8:30pmZoe Tham
Men of Grace Small GroupSaturdays, 2nd/4th, 10-11:30am CJ Chiang, YP Lee

Mandarin-speaking groups

TimeGroup NamePlaceContact
Friday weekly 7:30pm神州 ShenzhouZoom黄文建 Wenjian
讚美 PraiseZoom朱俭
真愛 AgapeZoom萬自弘 Tom
信心 FaithZoom江正瑋 Daniel
真理 TruthZoom文英 Wenying
清心 PureZoom朱明宇 Frank
成長 RiseZoom
和平 PeaceZoom李彤 Tong
學生團契 NCSU蔡芊芊
Thur biweekly 10am長青團契 EvergreenZoom陳國強
Sat biweekly 7:30pm更新 Renewal (1, 3)Zoom鄒顯正 Shean
磐石 S. Rock (1, 3)Zoom林聖貴
Sister Bible Study GroupsMondays, weekly, 9:30am朱佩君
Tuesdays, weekly, 9:30amZoom毕小红
Wednesdays, weekly, 9:30amZoom周奕婷