Information for Reopening Church

The Church Council has accepted the recommendations of the RCCC Community Health and Contingency Planning Committee (CHCPC) to end the Church reopening stages and return to the following pandemic (warning or watch) guidelines as of March 25, 2022.
1.  Check COVID-19 information often with your healthcare providers, news media, government guidance, and other reliable resources.
2.  Do not attend any in-person events if you are experiencing (or suspecting) of any COVID-19 symptoms.
3.  Please wear face masks for all indoor activities.
4.  Events with food/drinks are only allowed in the old church building upon prior registration and approval.
5.  Keep social distancing, avoid large crowd clustering, wash hands, disinfect heavily used areas by your events, as well as other effective means for keeping our church a safe and healthy place for worship and fellowship.

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