Information for Reopening Church

Based on the recommendations of the RCCC Community Health and Contingency Planning Committee (CHCPC), the Church Council has decided to begin Stage 3 church reopening as of November 21, 2021.

In Stage 3,

  1. Face masks are still necessary for all indoor activities.
  2. Food is allowed in pre-approved events in the old church building.
  3. Eating or drinking is not permitted in the new church building.
  4. Face coverings are waived only during eating, drinking or for those who are participating in sport events.
  5. For church facility reservation, sport events or gatherings involved food consumption; clean-up procedure; and room capacity limits, please contact Facility Deacon Kurt Leung.
  6. For Kitchen use, please contact General Affairs Deacon Yih-Shin Tan.

Face covering, social distancing and washing hands with soap for 20 seconds are key tools to minimize the opportunity for COVID-19 transmissions. We encourage members of the RCCC community to follow the guidance on keeping our church a safe and healthy place for worship and fellowship.

根據RCCC 社區健康和應急計劃委員會(CHCPC)的建議,教會議會決定自11月21日開始第三階段實體聚會措施。 在第三階段實體聚會期間:
  1. 參與室內聚會及主日崇拜的人仍需佩戴口罩
  2. 已得到預先批准的餐飲聚會可在舊教堂舉行
  3. 在新教堂內不可進食
  4. 除進食及運動時,其他時間仍需要佩戴口罩。
  5. 有關預訂教堂房間及設施、運動與餐飲聚會、場地容量及聚會後清理的程序,請聯絡代理設備執事梁國生弟兄。
  6. 如需使用舊教堂廚房,請向總務執事譚逸心弟兄聯絡。
佩戴口罩,保持社交距離, 以及用肥皂洗手20秒仍然是減低新冠病毒傳播的主要方法。我們懇請大家遵守防疫指引以保教會繼續成為安全及健康的敬拜聚會場所。

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