Information for Reopening Church

The Church Council, based on the responses from the online survey and the progress of preparation, have decided to reopen the Church for stage 1 in-person services on Sunday, May 2, 2021.  Congregations may further adjust the date to fit their situations. People who are fully vaccinated plus anyone who must be there to support the service can sign up here to attend Sunday adult Worship services in-person 
Attending church services in person is a personal and family decision. Please follow this Self Checklist to help you assess whether to attend church services in person once available, as well as for you to comply with the RCCC COVID Guidelines while attending the services in person. Individuals attending service in person must take full responsibilities of minimizing their own risk for COVID transmission exposures.  
Please stay tuned for the reopening dates of further stages.
教會議會根據會衆問卷調查回應以及準備工作進度,決定將於5月2日正式開放第一階段實體聚會服務。各堂 可以進一步調整開放日期以適應其個別情況。已經完成疫苗注射的個人和須要到場服事的同工可以 在此事先登記  參加實體成人主日崇拜。
親自參加教堂實體聚會是個人和家庭的決定。這份實體聚會自我檢查表是為了幫助您評估是否應該參加實體聚會,以及在您參加實體聚會時需遵守的規則 (RCCC COVID Guidelines)。參加實體聚會服務的個人必須承擔全部責任,儘量降低自己可能碰到COVID傳播的風險。

In-person Worship Sunday Service Signup

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