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With the overall pandemic conditions further improved in the State, the church has now moved into the Stage 2 reopening for in-person services on June 1, 2021.  Stage 2 includes ALL people (vaccinated and unvaccinated) who follow the same safety procedures set forth in Stage 1.  People who are properly wearing face masks can attend worship services and other meetings (see below for details).  The following is a rundown of the current list:
  • Mandarin and English Sunday worship services are open for in-person attendance
  • Cantonese Sunday worship service will announce their in-person reopening date later
  • “Hybrid” adult Sunday school classes are to be determined by the responsible teachers and language deacons together
  • Small-group meetings and fellowship gatherings are to be determined by the responsible leaders and language deacons together
  • In-person youth and children programs are under evaluation at this time
Please continue to remain vigilant and recognize that attending church services in person is a personal and family decision.  Follow the Self ChecklistRCCC COVID Guidelines, and sign up practice set forth in Stage 1.  Take full responsibilities of minimizing your own risk for the COVID-19 transmission exposures by attending service in person. On-site sign-in is also provided if you could not sign-up beforehand.  These procedures are put in place together by RCCC to help your safeguard as well as for the co-workers in serving our Lord during the pandemic.   
Please stay tuned for future updates.
隨著本州疫情逐漸全面改善,教會已於 2021 年 6 月 1 日 開始第二階段實體聚會 。第二階段開放給遵守第一階段防護措施的所有人(包含已經接種疫苗注射和沒有接種疫苗的人)。所有佩戴合適口罩的會衆都可以參加實體的主日崇拜及其他聚會(詳情見下)以下是目前的情況一覽:

● 華語和英語主日崇拜開放實體聚會
● 粵語主日崇拜將稍後公佈其實體聚會開放日期
● 同時實體及在線上授課的成人主日學班,由老師和語言堂執事共同決定如何開放
● 小組和團契聚會由小組組長/團長和語言堂執事共同決定如何開放
● 目前正在評估青少年團契和兒童的實體聚會
請繼續保持警覺,並認知參加實體聚會是個人和各個家庭的決定。參考自我檢查表和RCCC COVID準則,並如第 1 階段中規定的做法在教會網站登記。請盡自己的責任以降低實體參加崇拜傳播病毒的風險。如果您無法事先登記,也可以在現場登記。這些規定由 RCCC 制定,目的是保護您和在疫情期間事奉主的同工。

In-person Worship Sunday Service Signup

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