Chinese Service

March 8th: Pastor Eric Lin

March 15th: Pastor Liang

Audio file is not available due to error in recording CD.

March 22nd: Elder Jan

March 29th: Pastor Lin

English Service

March 8th: Barney Ford:”The Macedonian Call”

March 15th: Dr. Scott Hildreth: “God’s Mission”, Luke 24:44–49

March 22nd: Pat Zukeran: “The Resurrection”

March 29th: Ryan Hutchinson: “It’s Not Just What You Do, But How You Do it” Matthew 6:1-8, 16-18

Cantonese Service

March 8th: Pastor Tran


Review Questions

March 15th: Pastor Lin (Joshua 22:10-16, 21-27)


March 22nd: Pastor Tran


Review Questions

March 29th: Pastor Tran



Review Questions

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