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Leading A Child to Christ

One of the greatest privileges of serving in VBS is to help children become members of God's family. Some children, especially those from Christian homes, may be ready to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior earlier than others. Keep in mind that children think in literal terms and have limited understanding of abstract ideas. They have not yet matured to the point where they always follow through on their intentions and commitments. Therefore, they need thoughtful, patient guidance from loving Christian adults who can help them come to know Christ personally and continue to grow in Him.

The booklet "God Loves You!" shares with children the basic steps on how to become God's child.


• Pray: Pray for each child in your class by name! Ask God to prepare each one to understand and receive the good news about Jesus and prepare you to effectively communicate with them.

• Present the Good News: Use words and phrases that students understand. Avoid symbolism that will confuse these literal-minded thinkers. Discuss these points slowly enough to allow time for thinking and comprehending.

a. "God wants you to become His child. Do you know why God wants you in His family?" (See 1 John 4:8.)

b. "You and I and every person in the world have done wrong things. The Bible word for doing wrong is 'sin.' What do you think should happen to us when we sin?" (See Romans 6:23.)

c. "God loves you so much, He sent His Son to die on the cross for your sin. Because Jesus never sinned, He is the only one who can take the punishment for your sin." (See 1 Corinthians 15:3; 1 John 4:14.)

d. "Are you sorry for your sin? Tell God that you are. Do you believe Jesus died to take the punishment for your sin? If you tell God you are sorry for your sin and tell Him you do believe and accept Jesus' death to take away your sin-God forgives all your sin." (See John 1:12.)

e. "The Bible says that when you believe in Jesus, God's Son, you receive God's gift of eternal life. This gift makes you a child of God. (See John 3:16.) This means God is with you now and forever."

Note: The Bible uses many terms and images to express the concept of salvation. Children often do not understand or may develop misconceptions about these terms, especially terms that are highly symbolic. Many people talk with children about "asking Jesus into your heart." The literal-minded child is likely to develop strange ideas from the imagery of those words. The idea of being a child of God (see John 1:12) is perhaps the simplest portrayal the New Testament provides.

• Talk personally with the child: Talking about salvation one-on-one creates opportunity to ask and answer questions. Ask questions that move the child beyond simple "yes" or "no" answers or recitation of memorized information. Ask "what-do-you-think?" kinds of questions such as:

"Why do you think it's important to...?"

"What are some things you really like about Jesus?"

"Why do you think that Jesus had to die because of wrong things you and I have done?"

"What difference do you think it makes for a person to be forgiven?"

Answers to these open-ended questions will help you discern how much the child does or does not understand.

• Give time to think and pray: There is great value in encouraging a child to think and pray about what you have said before making a response. Also allow moments for quiet thinking about the questions you ask.

• Offer opportunities without pressure: Children are vulnerable to being manipulated by adults. A good way to guard against coercing a child's response is to simply pause periodically and ask, "Would you like to hear more about this now or at another time?" Loving acceptance of the child, even when he or she is not fully interested in pursuing the matter, is crucial in building and maintaining positive attitudes toward becoming part of God's family.

If a child prays with you to become a member of God's family, encourage the child to tell his or her parents about the decision. Give your pastor and the child's Sunday School teacher the child's name. Boys and girls who make decisions need to be followed up to help them grow in Christ.

For additional information about leading a child to Christ read the "Salvation and the Young Child" article on pp. 114-115 in VBS Smart Pages published by Gospel Light.

Reference:  This page is from "My VBS for Raleigh Chinese Christian Church" provided by Gospel Light (publisher for VBS 2004 Theme SonGames).

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