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What to expect at our Sunday Church Gathering

Sunday School (Equipping Tracks)

We have Sunday School from 9:30 to 10:45am. Check out the Sunday School Equipping for more information.

Before Church Gathering  

Prior to our church gathering, we like to visit with each other. Our hope is to welcome everyone warmly and prepare to Worship The Triune God.

Music, Scripture Reading & Pastoral Prayer

We sing a mixture of mostly contemporary and some hymn music songs. We corporately sing about the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ in worshipful, biblical and gospel-centric songs.

We usual have a Scripture Reading form the Bible.

We have element called a Pastoral Prayer with the congregation together to lift up praises, prayer requests, and needs for church, city, and countries.


Our pastor is committed to preach the Old & New Testaments by going through books of the Bible verse by verse. This aim of the message is to hear, understand, and explain God’s word with a gospel-centric perspective. Then, our pastor seeks to apply God’s enteral and life changing truth to our relationship with Christ, to our church, and to our cities.


We strive to be a “come as you are church.” Some folks wear gym clothes, some folks dress up and some in business casual. We want to be all things to all culture that some might know the Gospel.


We remember the Gospel (the death, burial, and resurrection) on a monthly basis at RC3; usually on the first Sunday of the month. We view Communion as a memorial and remembrance of the Gospel

After Church Gathering

After service, parents with little kids should immediately return to their children’s classrooms to pick up their children. Workers only release children to those who were assigned as approved to Pick Up/Drop off.

We like to fellowship and visit with each other. Some people will eat lunch at church and many others will hit a local restaurant for a meal. For guest(s), lunch is free at the church or there is a good chance that you might be invited to lunch by member.

We desire to be the church that scatters well into the city as salt and light.