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2019 June Sermon

English Sermons Cantonese Sermons June 30th, 2019: Pastor Job Lee 建立神的家(五) 竭力保守教會合一 June 23rd, 2019: Pastor Job Lee 約翰福音信心之旅系列 (四) 恩典的秘訣 June 16th, 2019: Pastor Job Lee 父親的訓誨 June 9th, 2019: Pastor Job Lee 脱舊換新 – 心志的翻轉 June 2nd, 2019: Pastor Job Lee 建立神的家(六) 各按承職後此建造


WHY: Make a drawing for global missions awareness to share JESUS to everyone, everywhere Theme: Be Encouraged and Not Faint! WHO: For all ages young and old WHEN: April 7, 2019 Sign up: Name, age, grade or adult (18+), contact info Pick up these rules and 1 drawing sheet Drop off by: April 28, deadline, […]

2019 春季成人主日学

春季成人主日學(2019 年 3-5 月) 安排已就緒。 華語主日學(11:15am-12:30pm) 詩篇(8:30-9:15am)禱告室 生命的探索(133-135 教室) 跨越生命(141 教室) 以賽亞書下(132-134 教室) 馬太福音下(136-140 教室) 比翼雙飛(127 教室) 粵語主日學(11:15am-12:30pm) 慕道班(143 教室) 以斯拉記(139 教室) 教牧書信(137 教室) 詳情請參閱圖書館門口單張。

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