2017 August Sermons

Chinese Services

August 6th: Pastor Eric Lin

August 13th: Pastor  Calvin Tran

August 20th: Pastor Calvin Tran

August 27th: Pastor Eric Lin

English Services

August 6th: Pastor Ben Davie, “How the Gospel Advances”, Acts 8:1-8

August 13th: Dr. Potter, “The Benefits of God’s Word”, II Timothy 3:16-17

August 20th: Pastor Gary Lee, “Marked Evidences of God’s Gracious Gospel” (part 1), Ruth, 2:4-16

August 27th: Pastor Gary Lee, “Marked Evidences of God’s Gracious Gospel” (part 2), Ruth, 2:4-16

Cantonese Services

Aug 13th: Brother Alex Chong, “3 Surprises of Moses”, Exodus 3:1-12

Aug 20: Pastor Po-Wing Tham, Matthew 9:36-10:5; 28:18-20

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