2017 June Sermons

Chinese Services

June 4th: Pastor Calvin Tran

June 11th: Pastor Alan Liang

June 18th: Pastor Eric Lin

June 25th: Pastor Eric Lin

English Services

June 4th: Pastor Gary Lee, “Uncanny Peacemakers”, Matthew 5:9

June 11th: Pastor Gary Lee, “Unceasing Corporate Worship”, John 4:23-24

June 18th: Pastor Gary Lee, “Adopted by God, the Father”, Romans 8:14-17

(recording missing)

June 25th: Pastor Gary Lee, “Disturbed, Death, & Devastation, Ruth 1:1-5

Cantonese Services

June 4th: Combined Chinese service. See “Chinese Services”

June 18th: Father’s Day Combined Service. See “Chinese Services”

June 25: Pastor Alan Liang, Ephesians 2:1-10, Joshua 1:14,16-17, 10:10

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