2016 April Sermons


April 3rd: Pastor Eric Lin

April 10th: Pastor Calvin Tran


April 17th: Pastor Eric Lin

April 24th: Pastor Calvin Tran


April 3rd: Dr. Scott Hildreth “10 Commandments and Our Hope for Salvation” Exodus 20

April 10th: Pastor Calvin Tran, “The Ten Commandments – The Measure of Our Faith”, Exodus 20:1-17

April 17th: Dr. Scott Hildreth, “Sin, Snakes, and the Son of God”, Numbers 21:4-9

April 24th:  Dr. Scott Hildreth, “A Testimony above Average”, Acts 20:17-27

Cantonese Services

April 3rd: Pastor Tran, Nehemiah 2:1-8

April 10th: Mandarin/Cantonese combined worship, recording see above

April 17th: Pastor Tran, “Work with One Hand and Held a Weapon in the Other” Nehemiah 4:1-23

April 24th: Brother Alex Chong, Nehemiah 5:1-13

2016 April Sermons