ESL Classes

Spring Quarter

  • Registration and Interview: 2nd Sunday of February 1:15pm
  • Classes: From 3rd Sunday of February to end of April 1:30-2:45pm

Fall Quarter

  • Registration and Interview: 3rd Sunday of September  1:15pm
  • Classes: From 4th Sunday of September to end of November 1:30-2:45pm

RCCC offers English as a Second Language to non-native English speakers.  The goal of this program is to strengthen communication skills with focus on pronunciation and speaking.

Classes offered from beginner, intermediate to advanced level as determined by the ESL Interviews. Registration fee for each student is $10. If by check, write payable to “RCCC” and in the Memo Line as “ESL.”

For further information please contact the church office at 919 834-3815.

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