How to modify a post

  1. Login to our web site at by using our IT department issued userid and password.
  2. On your left you should see a menu like this:
  3. Mouse over the word Posts from the menu, you should see a list indicating All Posts and Add New like this:
  4. Click on All Posts, you should see a list of post like below, find the post that you like to modify, then mouse over the title and click on the Edit link:
  5. When you see the existing post pops up, make changes as necessary. Add/modify existing text, images, video or audio links as you think appropriate.wordpress-post-edit
  6. To add a video, audio or image at the right place, before you click on the add media button, place your cursor at the right place in the post, then click on the add media button where you will be able to upload or simply select an existing media file. After you insert the media into the post if the place is not exactly where you wanted, then you can simply copy and paste the added html markups to the right place.
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