2017 March Sermons

Chinese Services

March 5th: Pastor Calvin Tran

March 12th: Elder Shyi-Tai Jan

March 19th: Pastor Calvin Tran

March 26th: Pastor Calvin Tran

English Services

March 5th: Pastor Gary Lee “Unmistakable Identity” Matthew 28: 19-20

March 12th: Pastor Gary Lee “Unashamed of the Gospel” Acts 2: 39-41

March 19th: Pastor Calvin Tran “The 3rd commandment:’Do not take the Name of the Lord in vain’ ” Exodus 20:7

March 26th: Pastor Gary Lee “Unapologetic Preaching & Teaching” Acts 2:41-42

Cantonese Services

March 5th: Pastor Alan Liang, Psalm 145:1-13; 17-21; Psalm 116:12-13

March 12th: Combined service with Chinese service, recording under “Chinese Services” section.

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2017 March Sermons
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