2016 October Sermons

Chinese Services

October 2nd: Pastor Calvin Tran

October 9th: Rev. Cyrus Lam

October 16th: Pastor Eric Lin

October 23rd: Pastor Powing Tan

October 30th: Pastor Yeh

English Services

October 2nd: Dr. Scott Hildredth, “Forgiven And Free to Walk”, Mark 2:1-12

October 9th: Tom Engelsman, “The Remaining Task”

October 16th: Elder Don, “Out with the Old – In with the New”, Malachi 3:7-12

October 23rd: Elder Don

October 30th: Elder Don, “When Christ and Culture Collide”, Romans 13:1-7

Cantonese Services

October 2nd: Pastor Eric Lin: Isaiah 53:10-12,54:1-3,55:1-5

October 9th: Combined Mandarin/Cantonese service. See above for recording.

October 16th: Minister Daniel Lou: Acts 16:1-15

October 23rd: Minister Daniel Lou: Acts 16:16-34

Oct 30th: Pastor Calvin Tran, 1 Cor 9:13-27

2016 October Sermons
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