2016 May Sermons

Chinese Service

May 1st: Pastor Eric Lin

May 8th (Combined Service): Pastor Calvin Tran, “Let the Little Children Come to Me”, Matthem: 19:13-15

May 15th: Minister John Tam

May 22nd: Pastor Calvin Tran

May 29th: Pastor Eric Lin

English Service

May 1st: Dr. Scott Hildreth, “Sin, Stone and the Living Water” Numbers 20: 1-13

May 15th: Minister John Tam, “Back to the Basics – The Importance of the Book of the Law in Restoring the Wall of Jerusalem” Nehemiah 9: 1-6

May 22nd: Pastor Calvin Tran, “Who are We? (I) – The Amazing Grace of Being Chosen with a Mission” Ephesians 1:1-14

May 29th: Pastor Calvin Tran, “Who are We?(II) – The Hope, the Glorious Inheritance, the Great Power” Ephesians 1:15-23

Cantonese Service

May 1st: Pastor Tran, Nehemiah 8:1-18

May 8th: 3 congregation combined worship, for recording please check above

May 15th: Minister John Tam, Mandarin and Cantonese congregation combined worship. For recording please check above

May 22nd: Pastor Liang, Nehemiah 4:13-15,19,20; 5:7-9; 6:15,16

May 29th: Pastor Tran “The Truth Will Set You Free” John 8:31-36

2016 May Sermons
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