2016 March Sermons

Chinese Services

March 6th: Pastor Alan Liang

March 13th Combined Service: Pastor Calvin Tran “Who are we and can it be?” 1 Chronicles 29: 10-19

March 20th: Pastor Eric Lin

March 27th: Pastor Eric Lin

English Services

March 6th: Dr. Scott Hildreth, “God’s Rescue through the Burning Bush”, Exodus 3

March 20th: Pastor Calvin Tran, “A Boy with Five Loaves and Two Fish”, John 6:1-15

March 27th: Pastor Jerry, “I Have Seen the Lord!”, John 20:1-18

Cantonese Services

March 6th: Pastor Tran, Ezra 10

March 13th: Combined service with all 3 congregations. See above

March 20th: Pastor Tran, Nehemiah 1

March 27th: Minister Tam, 1 Cor 15:12-24

2016 March Sermons
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