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Workshop Dates

12/08/07, Sat, 8am-12pm
01/12/08, Sat, 8am-12pm
02/09/08, Sat, 8am-12pm

Listening Assignments

(Left click the link below to play online; right click to download)

  1. Rebecca Pippert-"Hangups_in_ Evangelism"
  2. Dawson Trotman-"Born To Reproduce"
  3. Dawson Trotman-"Testimony"

Discipleship Questionnaire

Click here for PDF file of questionnaire.

Survey Form

(MS Word File)



Discipleship Workshop

From the Discipleship Committee...


Dear brother & sister of R.C.C.C.,

It was exhilarating to us when 86 of you showed up at the second workshop session. You gave up your precious Saturday morning to come and learn with us. We are humbled by your sacrifice and perseverance. Like you, we are hungry and anxious for the Lord Jesus to use us in our church.

We have one more seminar to go. We look with anticipation as we wrap up our time together. When we finish our study we will be embarking on the next phase of our Discipleship ministry - the implementation. This is the tough step to undertake. Many churches get bogged down in this stage.

To help us establish a working discipleship ministry in R.C.C.C., we will need all your help and cooperation. Please send us your completed Appendix 1, which has the "Self-evaluation questionnaire" and the "Personal History Profile." Your personal answers will not be revealed to the church. Our committee will work with you and give you opportunities to apply some of what you have been learning - that is why we need your name on the forms (e.g. page 51, question 10). If you prefer, you can send us your completed questionnaire & profile electronically to discipleshiprccc [].

As for the other homework (Book report & testimony), you can hand them to us on February 9th. Although it will be advantageous to have your testimony earlier as it will give us time to read them. Also, if you prefer, you can write them in Chinese. This will depend largely on your target audience. If you think you will be sharing your testimony in Chinese, by all means write it in Chinese. (We are sorry that we did not clarify that in our last session).
We are so glad that you took an interest in the RCCC Discipleship Ministry. To help us move forward, we would like to invite you to participate in this ministry. In the attachment you will find a survey form for you to indicate your preference. Please pray for God's guidance on your decision. You may email the completed survey form to discipleshiprccc [].

The first 2 sessions were taped and we will make the recording available in the future. Please encourage others to join us on February 9th even if they have not been to the first 2 sessions. It will all be worth it if we can spark an interest in disciple-making from just one session!

At our final session on Feb 9th, we will end with a Question and Answer time where we will try to address as many of your concerns as possible.

Thank you for partnering with us. We look forward to seeing you on February 9th at 8am.

In Christ, the Captain and Perfecter of our Faith

Discipleship Committee

Luke 14:27
"And anyone who does not carry his cross
and follow me cannot be my disciple.

Workshop Assignments

  1. Read the notes (Discipleship 101 & 201).
  2. Read one of the books in the bibliography and write a one-page summary to be handed in on January 12th.
  3. Write your personal testimony following the suggestions given by Dave Dawson (attached to the email sent to you 12/13/07) to be handed in on January 12th.
  4. Listen to two messages"Hang-ups in Evangelism" by Rebecca Pippert (author of "Out of the Salt-shaker.") and "Born to Reproduce" by Dawson Trotman, Founder of The Navigators. The second message is not of high quality as it was recorded in the early 1950's. (see left edge of this page).
  5. Fill out the questionnaire.
  6. Fill out survey form.

Training Committee Contacts

Brother C.K. Su
Brother Dennis Hui
Brother Raymond Chen
Pastor Po-Wing
Elder Timothy

For correspondence with the committee
use the email id of "discipleshiprccc" with the address "".



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